Into Autumn

Its been a strange autumn so far, very mild in October and early November. The essential maintenance jobs like clearing gutters and draining off outside taps are a must to avoid more work if you leave them. Now is the time people start looking inside their homes and think about making it more cosy for the winter. As well as decorating to make your home look beautiful, we can assist in making it warmer too, by fitting loft insulation and lagging pipes. These improvements can pay for themselves with lower heating bills.

Summer jobs

August 2015

We get asked to do a lot of gardening in the summer, cutting grass and the least favourite job for most people, cutting hedges.

If cutting grass and mowing lawns is not your idea of fun, why not consider having some astroturf - maintenance free, artificial grass is very realistic these days, you can even choose to have a longer pile on it, a bit like a shag pile carpet. Its great when you have problems getting grass to grow in the shade under trees, and for areas of high wear, near children's play equipment. Best of all, it gives you more time to enjoy your garden.

Unfortunately we haven't found any realistic artificial hedges yet.

March 2015

1st4maintenance - property makeovers!

There seems to be a glut of property makeover programmes on telly at the moment, all about how to make your living space look better, more spacious, sell quickly and the list goes on...

We love these programmes, not just because it makes people realise that homes are important, but what can be done. And if you don't want to do it yourself then we're just at the end of the phone.

Alternatively, you may love decorating, but need a hand with other aspects of the project, such as joinery, or bricklaying.

When you're ready for a Grand Design, give us a call. Remember, quotes are free, and we may well be able to save you money.

Looking after the workers

January 7th 2015

First job of the year was putting up toilet roll holders for a firm of accountants in their Sheffield offices. It doesn't sound very glamourous, but its a job that needs doing.

We have a mixture of domestic clients who need their homes fixing up, landlords who need their letting properties sorting out, and commercial clients who don't need a full time property manager.

Jan 12th - a bit of rough weather

The rough weather has caused quite a bit of damage to property, and we've been busy pricing up for some new fence panels damaged in the storms at a home in Beighton. They also showed us a trampoline which blew into the garden one night - good job it didn't hit anyone.

Storms can be dangerous, so its a good time to have a look at your roofs and check for slipped or damaged sales and tiles which may need fixing. You know who to call - Michael at 1st4maintenance


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paint charts and brushes


We've recently fitted a new artificial grass play area at a local nursery. The children love playing outside and have quite a bit of play equipment, so the existing lawn was taking quite a lot of wear and tear.

This meant that when the ground got muddy, he children couldn't play out. We've fixed that, the children now have a lovely new play area.

Super new website

We've got a fresh new website, and you're looking at it! Even 1st4maintenance needs a facelift sometimes.


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